Mental Health Benefits of Music

Music is amazing!! It can help perk your spirits as well as mend a broken heart. For centuries, music has played an important role when it comes to our ability to cope through life’s greatest highs and lows. It’s fairly recently though that research has suggested music can help combat depression, stress and anxiety along with a host of other mental health issues.

It’s been proven that music with a tempo of 60 beats per minute can increase the brain’s ability to process information.

Music also stimulates humans to increase feel-good hormones which in turn lowers stress and anxiety and can be a mood booster. Listening to ambient music can also assist in anxiety and low-confidence. Using alpha waves from 8-14 Hz help the mind get into a more sharpened and confident state of mind.

So whether you want to get out your instrument and play songs you know, learn new songs, write a tune, listen to the radio to your favorite artist or even start humming while you work know that you are doing yourself and your mental state a favor! MUSIC IS AMAZING! 😊🎶

~Mary Bellah