Fun Music Games to Play for Families

Here are a few fun ideas to sneak in practicing music with the kiddos!

1. Identifying instruments within music. Play a song and have a contest to see how many instruments they can identify. Start simple and then work up to harder compositions.

2. Have your little one identify the different moods of songs. You could also add dance moves to go along with it!

3. Drawing the music they hear. If the song talks about mice (3 blind mice) have them draw mice etc…. This can be very creative!

4. Basic time signature identification. See if they feel the difference between 2/4 3/4 or 4/4. Start with easy nursery rhymes.

5. Finish that tune. You can do this with vocal music or instrumental to help them memorize their music.

Bottom line: make music fun in your house! Don’t ever let practicing become a chore or something that isn’t looked forward to! 😊

~Mary Bellah