Tuition and Attendance

  • Tuition amounts depend on the number of weeks in the month. For 4 week months tuition is $120 and for 5 week months it is $150

  • Payments are due on the first week of each month
  • Time slots are reserved monthly in consecutive weeks
  • Lessons are half hour once a week
  • There will be no lessons on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  The 4th of July, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are optional. For all other holidays lessons will be held as usual.
Instructor absences:
  • If the instructor is absent, the tuition for the lesson missed will apply toward the first lesson of the following month
  • Tuition payments are still due the first week of the month but to compensate for the instructor’s absence the payment will be $30 less that month
  • Students should keep track of instructor absences to avoid overpayment
Student absences:
  • Students must pay for all absences whether a make up lesson is received or not
  • Make ups are only given with a prior day notice of absence
  • A make up must be fulfilled between the previous lesson and the next scheduled lesson
  • Make ups are given in time slots made available by other students’ absences
  • If no make up is received for an absence, full tuition is still due the following month
  • Students are responsible for their own internet / data plan connectivity for online lessons. Interrupted or missed lessons due to a poor / failed connection are nonrefundable and will not be made up or credited.
Changing time slots
  • If a student wishes to change time slots in the schedule, the instructor can ask other students if they would like to switch time slots
  • Changing time slots is a process that usually takes a couple of weeks and is for permanent schedule changes only