Private Lessons

Music is fun!  Playing music opens up a whole world of opportunities.  There are many reasons why students decide to take private lessons.

          • Music is an excellent hobby
          • It is fun to play music with others
          • Music lessons help provide an avenue for self expression, creativity, and building confidence in front of others
          • Students learn techniques for practicing, performance preparation, auditions, and live recordings
          • Lessons provide specialized instruction for school orchestra and band students
          • Playing music is a stimulating mental activity that helps develop brain networking that we use in other areas of our lives

Students choose JT Musical Arts not only for our extensive music programs and instrument classes, but for our personable and knowledgable teachers that are educated and experienced professional musicians.   We develop personalized lesson plans that are designed to meet each individual goal.  Online and in person lessons are available, as well as ensemble experiences and performance opportunities.

We look forward to accompanying you as we explore a musical journey together.

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Online Lessons

At JT Musical Arts we make it easy and fun to learn music live on screen using apps like FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or another of your choosing.

In Person Lessons

At JT Musical Arts you are never alone on your musical journey. We are here to guide you on your path according to your individual learning style.


Mary Bellah

Mary Bellah

professional musician

Jason Theiste

Jason Theiste

professional musician

Pete Leonard

For many years I wanted to play the violin and never took the time to fulfill my dream.  I finally began taking lessons in November, 2019 and have been blessed to find an extremely professional, enthusiastic, and caring place to realize my musical talent at JT Musical Arts.

Pete Leonard / Student
Gracie Johnstone

I have been taking piano lessons for over a year and I have advanced immensely in that time.  My professor is extremely patient, kind, understanding, professional, and knows exactly what I need to move forward to my next music lesson.  I am sixty five years young and am enjoying my learning experience with one of the best instructors.

Gracie Johnstone / student
Kristie Geronimo

The instructors are outstanding and have a wonderful ability to relate to people in this family centered, yet professional atmosphere.  They are very skilled, patient, and enthusiastic, making my two sons want to learn.  I've watched my boys grow in their piano and violin skills and I couldn't have found a better place for them to learn.

Kristie Geronimo / parent